The Mirror Project Panorama Cards Debut At The Larch Mountain Show November 22nd!


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1045 front

Mirror 1045; Loree Harrell 2013
King enjoying the Sandy River

It is with great delight that I announce the debut of The Mirror Project panorama cards at the Larch Mountain Country Artisans show this coming weekend!

Walking back up from the river last week, it occurred to me that the (easy) solution to making the 3:1 aspect images accessible was to design full sheet horizontal cards.

Some of the favorite images from The Mirror Project have been those with the original source image being landscape aspect, rather than the standard portrait aspect.   This makes a 3:1 aspect Mirror, which is a perfect format for headers and banners on websites, but has been clumsy for notecards (which have a 3:2 aspect), and prints (as they require custom framing).

The new card design is a stunning 11 inches wide by 4.25 inches high, with the image full width on the front. Signed on reverse, with information about the Mirror and Artist Statement.

1045 back

The envelopes are clear (USPS approved), and a shipping insert is included.   You’ll even find stamps in the package!

1045 stamped

If you aren’t in the vicinity to stop by the show, you can find the cards here…

Reflection 539


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The Mirror Project
About the Reflections

Each of the Mirrors has an associated Reflection, which is a written capture of a moment in time – a glimpse of a thought or a feeling in a person or, occasionally, an animal.  A tiny sketch with no superficial connection to the image of the associated Mirror, they exist like that thought you had of Grandma’s gingersnaps when you saw a child playing on a swing yesterday.  There may be degrees of separation between the child and the thought, but the thought still exists because of the child.

As of this date, there are still many Reflections to be written for the completed Mirrors.  As with all things, sometimes the story has to settle before it can be written and, with this project, they seem to come in spurts of four or five and then settle back in to rest a bit. As they haven’t come in chronological order, it will be interesting to see how they fit together and what they say when they can be read from beginning to end of each Phase.

It may still simply be 111 tiny sketches.

The Mirror Project At Infusion Gallery! _December 7th


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Troutdale’s First Friday Art Walk for December includes the community Christmas tree lighting, artists out, in, and about the local businesses, great food in the restaurants. and the perfect place for Christmas shopping without a department store in sight.

Loree Harrell will be the featured artist at Infusion Gallery, exhibiting The Mirror Project, including limited edition prints, artist-crafted jewelry from the Project, and notecards.

Head on up and enjoy!

First Friday Art Walk
Friday, December 7th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Businesses and restaurants open

Infusion Gallery
305 East Historic Columbia River Highway
Featuring The Mirror Project

The Critters In The Middles

Mirror 539 reminded me of how elusive / changeable / fickle the beings in the middle of The Mirror Project images can be.  With the caveat that you are undoubtedly not going to see the same as I do, watch this…

I see a princess (lonnnng curly locks, slight 5:00 shadow, hint of a tiara) on the back of a possibly winged, and clearly friendly, lion with perfectly defined eyes and muzzle.

However, one click larger…

The lion is still there, but the princess has become a slightly crazed warrior-type.

One click bigger, and…

The lion has now become a rather handsome native in war paint and full regalia.  The crazed warrior is still a crazed warrior (sneaking up on the rather handsome native and about to ruin his day).  (No worries, the rather handsome native always wins.)

And, big…

It’s pretty much a bunch of leaves.

It’s a fascinating world, isn’t it?

[Sandy River Trail, October 31st, 2012]

Mirror Project Installation October 31st_ Public Welcome!

October 18th, 2012

Local Artist’s Series, The Mirror Project, Installed
As Part Of Public SpacesRenovation

On October 31st, the Comfort Inn Columbia Gorge Gateway in Troutdale will be unveiling a full installation of area images from local artist Loree Harrell’s The Mirror Project, in conjunction with early evening festivities for both kids and adults.

The celebration will start at 5 p.m. and continue until 8 p.m., with trick-or-treat  for the kids, refreshments for all,  and a treasure hunt which sends participants into the lobby and halls of the hotel to match up ”faces and critters” with the images that show up in the middle of the Mirrors.

As Harrell is also the general manager of the hotel, the question came up whether this installation was chosen solely for that relationship.  Harrell’s response was a laugh and, “While it certainly doesn’t hurt that the hotel has a close relationship with the artist, we chose this direction for our art renovation because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of the 20-mile radius from our front door, without replaying the iconic images we have seen over and over again.  The Mirror Project catalyzes a second glance at what we’ve already seen, and a new noticing of the beauty in the details of the places that are often missed in the extraordinary impact of the larger and more well-known icons of our environment”.

The hotel completed a full guest room renovation in June of this year, at which time the hotel was rebranded from a Holiday Inn Express to a Comfort Inn at the end of their 10-year licensing period.

The public is invited to attend.

Comfort Inn Columbia Gorge Gateway
1000 Northwest Graham Road
Troutdale, Oregon 97060

For more information or to schedule an interview with Loree Harrell,  please call the hotel at 503.492.2900, or contact Loree directly at 503.891.4988 (voice or text) or  Harrell’s website is


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